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Set up tailored automated follow-ups

Every customer is unique. Segment your clients’ customers based on payment behavior, size and invoice amount and tailor the right outreach for each segment.

Reminder Escalation

Change recipients of the reminder based on the aging receivables and tailor the messaging.

Message Frequency

Increase the frequency of your messages based on customer payment behavior and category to get paid faster.

Set up tailored automated follow-ups

Reach customers whenever, wherever

Not all your clients’ customers check their emails frequently. Send multi-channel manual or automated payment reminders based on their preference.

Workflow Triggers

Trigger workflows based on the invoice due date, promise to pay date, unapplied payments, or specific intervals to get paid on time.

Multi-channel Reminders

Follow up with your clients’ customers through email, SMS, WhatsApp, LINE and Zalo to reach them via the right channels.

Reach customers whenever, wherever

Say goodbye to manual spreadsheets for collection tracking

Real-time customer status tracking report makes it easy to manage your clients’ weekly collections meetings by tracking all the clients’ customer receivables in one place!

Understand your client's customers better

Re-assign customers to different collection workflows using Peakflo’s AI-powered payment behavior classification.

Categorize customers and define next steps

Tags will allow you to quickly classify customers based on your business preference (e.g. Freeze/escalate to CEO etc.).

Track recent courses of action and last customer activity

Check the last customer activity details and date from the report to better guage next steps.

Track Promise to pay date & amount

View or add the promise to pay date and amount based on customer feedback.

Say goodbye to manual spreadsheets for collection tracking

Get visibility on all customer communications with an immutable audit trail

Need to track all messages received/sent to the customer and their historical payments? Want to ask questions to your clients and team or loop them in a conversation? All you need to do is to go to your customer timeline!

Adhoc Messages

Send adhoc WhatsApp messages, emails and SMS to your clients’ customers directly from the customer timeline

Post Notes

“Tag” your team or you client in notes and communicate with them easily. Keep track of all your internal communications in the timeline!

Get visibility on all customer communications with an immutable audit trail

Real-time, custom receivable reports

Monitor important metrics and details for your customers such as overall days sales outstanding (DSO), total overdue amount, invoice status, doubtful debt and aging balance (AR Aging Report).

Request out-of-the-box reports as per your customers request.

Real-time, custom receivable reports

Make bank reconciliation a breeze!

Identify which customer is making a payment with a unique virtual account for each of clients’ customer (Indonesia & Singapore only).

Allow Peakflo to sync all the details back to your clients’ ERP/ accounting software. Reconciliation can be done without painstaking intervention by your firm!

Make bank reconciliation a breeze!

Connect your Accounting Software/ERP to Peakflo

Turbocharge your accounting software with Peakflo or import your data seamlessly.

Integrate and leverage the power of automation without affecting the way you work.

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