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Eliminate tedious processes and long approval chains with our automated procure-to-pay system. Boost your productivity and profitability by 2x 📈

"The numerous available customizations were fantastic on top of the default features, such as WhatsApp OCR and sending automated WhatsApp and email notifications to vendors."
Seow Tian Teo
Former Head of Finance
Hai Sia Seafood
"Peakflo's payment approval workflow has made it really easy for us to approve bill payments, speeding up the process by 69 hours per month. The budget management feature also eliminates the need for manual budget setup and updates."
Evan Tanotogono
CEO & Co-Founder
"Peakflo is easy and straightforward to use. Our team has been able to reduce manual work, streamline finance processes, and centralize collections data."
Alvia Lampa
Head of Finance
Advance Tech Lending
"Right from the first demo to our onboarding and then dedicated customer support everything was delightful and above expectations."
Rohan Sharma
Entrepreneur In Residence
"We’ve been able to save more than 800 man-hours per month after automating the approvals and 16 hours per month by streamlining our budget management"
Saut Salmon Larson
"Peakflo’s customizable approval automation has been highly beneficial for our team, We’ve been able to save 200 man-hours per month. We have also automated manual tasks such as PO creation and 2-way matching and increased efficiency by 74%."
Ragul Sundarrajan
Financial Controller
GT Bharathi
"Peakflo approval workflows have been a great help for streamlining our purchase order and bill approvals. We’ve been able to save 20,254 man hours with Peakflo. We also no longer need to create reports manually and have saved 16 man hours by using Peakflo's out-of-the-box AP reports. "
Martinus Martinus
Finance Accountant

Trusted by 100+ Finance Teams

Ninja Van
Hai Sia
Aris Infra
We! Interactive
City furnish
Driver Logistics

Streamline purchase order and vendor management

✅ Generate any types of purchase quotes from procurements to freelance payments

✅ Simplify your online PO system and manage vendors in a centralized dashboard

✅ No more tedious, labor-intensive work! Manage your procurement system 100% digitally

Peakflo’s accounts payable features —  procurement and purchasing, vendor management, etc

Shorten approval flows and simplify PO matching

✅ Set custom approval workflows with the right stakeholders and assign to a budget

✅ Once approved by all stakeholders, PQ converts into PO and is sent to the vendor automatically 🙌

✅ Match your purchase order with the vendor bill and track open/closed PO balance

✅ Bills follow custom approval workflow with audit trail. Approvers starting from business approvers to finance checkers, accounting checkers, tax checkers can edit until final payout!

Peakflo’s E-Billing features — online approval system, PO matching, e-Wallet, etc

Automate billing and track budget in real-time

✅ Bulk import via CSV or forward your vendor bills by email

✅ Automatically capture bill details and create a draft bill payment scheduled for due date

✅ Assign PO and PQ to a specific budget. Stay on top of expenses in real-time

Peakflo’s productivity tools — accounting software integration, task management, and more

What finance teams have achieved with Peakflo

15 days reduction in invoice collection time

days reduction in invoice collection time

75% reduction in bill payment fees

reduction in bill payment fees

100 hours saved per month by the finance team

hours saved per month by the finance team

Don't just take our word for it!

Check out how Peakflo has helped Pickupp improve their finance & sales team's productivity, reduced their monthly overdues and DSO.

Lee Chee Meng Co-Chief Operating Officer at Pickupp

Lee Chee Meng
Co-Chief Operating Officer at Pickupp

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Take a guided product tour of Peakflo and see how you can cut bill pay time by half and save up to 90% on FX markup!

Optimize your finance operations with our API solution

Our easy-to-use API allows high growth companies to access everything they need to streamline their entire finance operations

Read More Peakflo’s accounts receivable and payable API integration

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