Put your client proforma invoice validation on easy mode!

Streamline client confirmation of your proforma invoices for your service-based business.

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"We have sent over 100,000 workflow guided payment reminders to our customers and now collect our accounts receivable 10-15 days (~20%) faster on average."
Ritchie Wong
Group CFO
Ninja Van
"By using Peakflo’s invoicing and automated reminders, we’ve been able to decrease our average overdue days by 9 and increase invoicing efficiency by 100%."
Sahil Handa
Senior Manager
"Peakflo has helped us reduce our average overdue days by 7. Peakflo has the ability to customize each invoice reminder workflow based on the client's tagging and segmentation."
Villa Kartika Damayanti
Accounts Receivable Manager
"We've tried other global AR solutions like Upflow, but needed a localized solution for SE Asia. Peakflo has made it easy to manage our AR process, leading to better collections and lower DSO as we continue to grow."
Carl Cedarholm
VP of Finance
Shipper Indonesia
"Peakflo is amazing for tracking customer payments. It helps with sending reminders to customers regarding payments or new invoices issued. This greatly reduces our work for daily follow-ups."
Swati Sopariya
Accounts Receivable Lead
"With Peakflo’s automated payment reminders, we’ve been able to save 3003 man-hours in total. Our collections team has become more productive and the allocation of resources is more effective now."
Suvesh Sinha
Assistant Vice President
"Peakflo is easy and straightforward to use. Our team has been able to reduce manual work, streamline finance processes, and centralize collections data."
Alvia Lampa
Head of Finance
Advance Tech Lending
"We have saved more than 66 man-hours per month by automating payment reminders. Additionally, we are tracking the invoice due dates in real-time instead of using Excel"
Kyaw Soe Oo
We! Interactive
"Right from the first demo to our onboarding and then dedicated customer support everything was delightful and above expectations."
Rohan Sharma
Entrepreneur In Residence
"Peakflo has been an amazing partner for us. It has saved us approximately 50-60 man-hours per month in receivable collection operations through automated workflow and payments."
Satrio Wiavianto
Head of Operations
Everplate Indonesia
"Peakflo has a simple interface that is easy to use. It makes monitoring and collecting outstanding payments very easy for us. We've reduced our monthly overdues by 40% and DSO by 25%. The customisation offered is an additional plus point."
Lee Chee Meng
"We appreciate the customized workflows as it allows us to create an optimal workflow that includes reminder emails, SMS messages, and phone calls. Overall, our Finance team is quite pleased with Peakflo's performance, we believe it does save time and effort in managing receivables."
Michelle Byrnes
Financial Controller
Estimate One
"Overall I'm very satisfied with the Peakflo system. It synchronizes seamlessly with our accounting software. The dashboard layout and reports are very helpful. Lastly it was very simple and easy to setup the workflows and trigger logic."
Fabian Loke
Accounts Receivable Manager
"Peakflo has helped our team a lot in terms of automated reminders, SMS reminders, and even letters of demand. We used to do this process manually. I love how Peakflo offers a lot of options and customizations in terms of editing workflows as well as the necessary placeholders for each reminder."
Emman S.
Senior Credit Analyst
Ninja Van
"Peakflo is easy to access and learn. It’s very accommodating. Especially the daily review of my accounts and mostly the overdue accounts"
Merical Obosa
Finance team
Ninja Van - PH
"The Peakflo team was very efficient in understanding our requirements, and they developed customized solutions to make the day-to-day finance operations much more effortless."
Ranjith Av
Account Manager
Driver Logistics

Trusted by 100+ Finance Teams

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Hai Sia
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Why finance leaders choose Peakflo

Save 1000+ man hours per month
Increase your sales & collections team’s efficiency
Reduce DSO by at least 15 days
Streamline day-to-day finance operations and get paid faster
Receive Enterprise grade support and security

Create professional proforma invoice validations!

Create proforma invoices with your company branding and customize the line items, discounts and tax rates to make sure all the details can easily be checked and validated by your customers before issuing the invoice.

create e-invoices with your company branding and customize the line items, discounts and tax rates. Validate and approve draft invoices before sending them to your customers

Allow clients to review the proforma invoice for validation!

Using the Peakflo customer portal, easily share the proforma invoice validation with your clients and allow them to approve the proforma invoice in one go!

Ask questions

Your customers can ask questions and get their queries answered instantly. The account owner will get notified via email after the question submission.

Raise a dispute

Your customers can easily raise disputes against a specific proforma invoice validation with customizable dispute reasons.

Peakflo's page for tax e-invoicing with HSN, IRN, QR code and GSTIN.

Allow your clients to raise disputes even for the line items!

It’s quite often that in proforma invoice validation, disputes need to be raised only for some line items . Your clients can raise disputes on a line-item level and choose dispute reason from a fully customizable dispute list. Your team will get notified immediately once a customer raises a dispute and will be able to resolve the dispute without delay.

Set up automated approval policies once and streamline all your approvals forever! Automate invoice and credit note approvals with just a few clicks!

Track and respond to customer disputes in the timeline!

In the invoice timeline, all the customer remarks and disputes will be recorded and the stakeholders will be notified immediately.

Post notes

“Tag” your teammates in notes and communicate with them easily. Keep track of all your internal communications in the timeline!

Centralize communications

Respond to customers directly using SMS, WhatsApp or email, from the timeline and keep a record of all the communications.

in Peakflo invoicing software, choose and approve invoices in one go, after full approval the e-signature will automatically get included in the invoice

Allow clients to accept proforma invoices with a single click!

Your clients can accept and validate the proforma invoice with a single click and your accounts receivable team can see the validation status from the invoice status tracking report.

Easily filter your overdue invoices and send your customers multiple reminders on the invoice level.

No more inefficient invoicing for your finance team!

Create and send professional e-invoices (Tax invoices, GST invoices, recurring and proforma invoices) in seconds. Approve and add your validated digital signature to the invoices.

set up custom payment reminders workflows for each customer category. collaborate easily with your collections team to receive payments faster

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