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How Pickupp increased team productivity by 30% using Peakflo

Lee Chee Meng , Co-COO, Pickupp

Who is Pickupp?
Technology- enabled logistics platform.

Peakflo customer since:
February 2021

Invoice per month:

Pickupp provides logistical support to over 10,000 businesses spanning from MNCs and logistics giants to retail and e-commerce SMEs in Singapore.

As Pickupp started scaling up, they faced challenges in 3 different areas, which required a centralized workspace.

  1. Invoice issuance:  Issuing an invoice wasn’t a straightforward process for Pickupp anymore. There was a need to capture all invoice disputes raised by customers and track their communication with the accounts team (who issues their invoice) or with the sales team (who handles their account).
  2. Tracking outstanding invoices: It was time for Pickupp to step out of invoice tracking spreadsheets maintained for individual merchants. They needed to shift to a centralized workspace where all stakeholders could monitor the status of their invoices.
  3. Follow-ups: A system was required to track or record the follow-up communication with their customers, whether it was a text message or e-mail conversation. There wasn’t a way to monitor the follow-up process.

Before Peakflo, we had a manual process for monitoring and collecting outstanding payments. This manual approach led to data silos of communications across multiple stakeholders and channels that had to be brought together through manual spreadsheet inputs. This delayed cross-team alignment and, in turn caused delayed revenue collections

Lee Chee Meng, Co-COO, Pickupp


Peakflo addressed the invoice issuance challenge with a unique accounts payable platform. Pickupp’s customers can now ask questions and raise disputes against their invoices which can be seen under their customer’s timeline. With a centralized workspace to address customer disputes faster, Pickupp enabled their customers to clear their outstanding invoices quicker and bought down their DSO by 25%.

Tracking outstanding invoices has also been made easier as Pickupp gets a big picture of all the outstanding invoices through the invoice status tracking report. With Peakflo’s predictive AI, Pickupp identified and focused on invoices that were likely to be overdue and bought down their bad debt by 21%.

Pickupp also streamlined its follow-up process by setting up programmable workflows. By triggering multi-channel follow-up reminders to their customers and keeping all the internal stakeholders aligned, Pickupp increased their team productivity by up to 30%.


With Peakflo's centralized workspace, automation and workflows, our productivity has increased, and it has cut out a lot of hassle. We also saved a lot of time by streamlining our internal communication.

Lee Chee Meng , Co-COO, Pickupp
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