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Make it easier for your customers to pay you with LINE Messenger!

Line messenger app automated payment reminders
We oftentimes set up automated workflows to follow up on unpaid invoices without considering what type of reminders our customers prefer to receive. It’s important to give the customers the option to choose how they wish to receive payment reminder notifications to make the payment process as smooth as possible for them. Also, for customers to feel more valued and engaged, we should consider sending them personalized reminders to avoid dehumanizing the whole payment process.
Having 169 million monthly active users, LINE Messenger is one of the most popular messaging apps in SEA and Peakflo has made it easy for customers to make payments through LINE Messenger, anytime, anywhere!
Your customers can subscribe to receiving LINE Payment reminders through these simple steps mentioned here.

 Here’s why LINE Messenger App payment reminders could be a game changer:

1. Keep all your communications through LINE Messenger App in your timeline

All your communications through LINE payment reminders will be visible in real-time on the Peakflo app through the invoice timeline.


2. You can communicate intricate details effortlessly

For the first time, you can convey the same high fidelity information of automated email reminders inside LINE Messenger App. Peakflo provides customizable templates, allowing you to include specific details, from the outstanding invoice number to the total outstanding amount.
 For more information about Peakflo placeholders, click here.

3. Your customers can more easily engage with your company and pay their invoices.

A customer portal link embedded in every LINE Messenger reminder allows your customer to view their summary of accounts at any time, view their invoices, ask questions, raise disputes, and conveniently pay any outstanding amount using multiple payment methods including bank transfers, eWallet or card.
Peakflo supports a wide range of automated payment reminders and personalizations to make the payment process as smooth as possible with customizable workflows. To learn more about how Peakflo can help you get paid faster, check out the short product tour video below.