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What Is Peakflo Accounts Receivable Software?

Peakflo’s accounts receivable software (AR) allows businesses to quickly and easily generate and send invoices and define credit terms. This allows them to manage collections and gain liquidity to fund growth, reduce the credit-to cash cycle, and take advantage of new investment opportunities. Finance teams have real-time access to all aspects of the account receivable process. They can monitor the status at both the macro and individual level.

Automate and simplify your life

Automated posting of order transactions to general or AR ledgers with precise tax calculations for each invoice allows for fast, accurate and precise tax processing. Peakflo automates manual receivables processes, empowering finance teams to issue digital invoices to accelerate collections.

Reporting and Insights

Peakflo provides the insight you need with configurable dashboards, reports, and KPIs. This allows for real-time customer aging, invoice analysis, and recurring invoice calculations. There are also exception reports that can flag any account anomalies.

Power of system

Peakflo is a complete accounting solution that can be used to manage your entire business. It allows you to track your business cashflow management, automated quote-to order fulfillment, integrated planning, budgeting, and more. You can do more than basic bookkeeping. Use functionality to free finance staff from repetitive tasks and decrease the need for additional staff.

Defining Receivables and Cash Flows

To measure business cash flow, every business must keep track of all its receivables and payables. The accounts receivables make up “Cash In”, while the accounts payable are part of “Cash Out”. Customer accounts receivables are incurred.

If the supplier is a business, it already has cash flow considerations and decides how long it will take to receive payment from the customer. These short-term credits are known as current assets on your balance sheet. They have an inverse effect on cash flows and accounts payable.

The business, for example, has sold $100,000 in 50% credit and half the cash, receivable, within a few months of its sale. The $50,000 in cash sales would be recorded directly as sales over there and is a cash flow to the business. Cash inflow for the business will include $50,000 of rest. Cash inflow to the business will only be incurred if the amount is received in the next year.

Top Features of Peakflo’s Accounts Receivable software

Our software for accounts receivable automates company credit management, cash application and invoicing. It also collects payments and collections. It gives leaders a better way of managing business cash flow and customer relations, and it is more accurate.

The company’s size and goals in accounts receivable Management will determine the best accounting software. Here are some features you get-

Cash flow management

With Peakflo’s software you can automate the account receivable process. You can simplify your sales, billing, and payment processes by consolidating them with one vendor. This will reduce friction and increase your cash flow in your business.

Digital B2B payments

It should be simple and cost-effective to accept and reconcile payments through all major channels, including ACH payments, credit card payments, wire transfers, and EFTs.

Automated credit request

Automated credit applications allow you to move customers faster through the application process. They also collect third-party information and help you make quicker decisions.

Invoice generation Distribution

APIs can integrate with the most popular AP portals to quickly deliver invoices. This allows you to avoid the time and labor involved in manually entering invoice data. Your customers can view and pay invoices 24 hours a day via self-service billing or payment portals

Automated Cash Application

Intelligent cash applications software can provide market-leading match rates even for missing or decoupled money by automating the process.

Automated collection emails

Is it realistic that collectors can email each customer reminding them to pay their invoices? It’s not. Automated email allows you to set up the email template and who should receive it. The accounts receivable software will then do the rest. Your account portfolio will be well looked after.

Automate AR with Peakflo

Peakflo’s automated system for account receivable processes should be reliable and solve all basic AR problems. Features it includes:

  • Smart Payment retries to manage payment failures or delinquencies
  • Providing flexible payment terms to your customers is a great way to retain them
  • Increase your customer base through easy coupon creation and usage tracking
  • A/R dashboards-Use this tool to measure the KPIs that are important, such as AR aging, collections made by dunning efforts and Days Sales Outstanding (DSO).

A comprehensive subscription management and billing solution can take you one step further. Peakflo automated recurring billing, payments and revenue recognition. This allows you to focus on the things that really matter.

Do you want to automate the receivables process?

Automating your invoicing process can help you free up time and make it easier to handle larger volumes of complex invoices. It is important to carefully evaluate the options and choose the right partner.

Many automated accounts receivable solutions take a lot of setup and configuration. A managed service solution such as Peakflo is an alternative. This allows you to focus on your account receivable process and outsources the technical complexity.

Peakflo’s automation can save you countless hours each month, whether it’s to upload manually to customers’ AP portals or to manage paper and electronic invoices through one process.

Automated invoices can also improve the accuracy and timeliness of delivery information. You can eliminate the risk of production errors and copy-paste by pulling data directly from your ERP software.

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