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Check out how companies used Peakflo to streamline their entire finance ops.
Peakflo's clients
Finance teams using Peakflo

How EstimateOne saves 376 hours and collects AU$ 83.3k faster with Peakflo


EstimateOne is a tender management platform connecting commercial builders and subcontractors.

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Michelle Byrnes 
Financial Controller, EstimateOne 
Everplate case study

How EverPlate’s operational team saves 60 man-hours per month, gets paid 15 days faster with Peakflo

EverPlate Kitchens is a cloud kitchen platform that improves the way a conventional restaurant operates. EverPlate provides quality kitchen infrastructure that is built for the delivery market.

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Satrio Wiavianto 
Head of Operations, Everplate Indonesia

How Pickupp increased team productivity by 30% using Peakflo

Pickupp provides logistical support to over 10,000 businesses spanning from MNCs and logistics giants to retail and e-commerce SMEs in Singapore.

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Lee Chee Meng
Co-COO, Pickupp
How Ninja Van reduced DSO by 12 days using Peakflo

How Ninja Van saves 500+ manhours/month and reduced DSO by 12 days using Peakflo

Ninja Van is a tech-enabled express logistics company providing hassle-free delivery services for businesses of all sizes across Southeast Asia. 

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Ritchie Wong
Group CFO, Ninja Van

How Janio reduced the DSO of over 1,000 customers to 40 days using Peakflo


Janio is a cross-border logistics service provider that simplifies deliveries across borders.

Fabian Loke

AR Manager, Janio

Janio reduced the DSO of over 1,000 customers to 40 days using Peakflo