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Janio reduced the DSO of over 1,000 customers to 40 days using Peakflo

Janio reduced the DSO of over 1,000 customers to 40 days using Peakflo

Who is Janio?
Technology-enabled logistics platform.

Peakflo customer since:
July 2021

Invoice per month:

Janio is a cross-border logistics service provider that simplifies deliveries across borders. Combining technology and market knowledge, Janio provides an effective end-to-end logistics solution in Asia where businesses can manage their e-commerce shipments on a single platform. 

Before onboarding Peakflo, Janio faced the following challenges.

  1. No real-time visibility: Janio didn’t have any visibility into their collections process, making it challenging to plan their budgets. Since they didn’t have easy access to critical business metrics, preparing reports was tedious.  
  2. Payment follow-ups: Janio faced payment delays from customers, and follow-ups were a time consuming. Different approaches were required when following up with timely and late- paying customers.


Peakflo’s dashboard and detailed out-of-the-box reports has helped Janio kickstart their budgeting. The customer status tracking reports have enabled Janio to keep a close eye on the customer timelines and give them a bird’s eye view of their customers’ payment behavior. 

Peakflo’s smart workflows were set up by Janio for timely and late-paying customers by triggering personalized, multi-channel reminders using an escalation matrix.

As a result, Janio has optimized their collection process by triggering over 1,000 automated payment reminders across Singapore and Malaysia customers. This optimization of the payment follow-up process has played a vital role in bringing down the DSO of 1,000 customers to 40 days.

"Overall, I'm very satisfied with the Peakflo system. It synchronizes seamlessly with our accounting software. The dashboard layout and reports are very helpful. Lastly, it was very simple and easy to setup the workflows and trigger logic."

Fabian Loke, AR Manager, Janio