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Peakflo has a simple interface that is easy to use. It makes monitoring and collecting outstanding payments very easy for us. We've reduced our monthly overdues by 40% and DSO by 25%. The customisation offered is an additional plus point.
Lee Chee Meng


What is a Payer Portal?

Payer Portal is where your customers can view the status of their invoices, payments and credit notes. They can raise disputes, ask questions about the invoice and clear the invoice payments in the payer portal.

What is role-based access?

With role-based access, you can define a user as administrator or account manager. Administrators will have access to all accounts and account managers will have access to particular customers.

What does the number of customers in a workflow mean?

A single workflow can be assigned to multiple customers to automate the AR process. A single workflow can be assigned to up to 100 customers in free plan and to unlimited customers in pro plan.

What is auto-payment reconcilation?

For payments made via Peakflo’s payment system, payments can be auto-reconcilied inside your accounting software

What is dispute resolution Workflow?

Peakflo enables automated, categorized workflows for communication with customers. This can be used to send invoice and payment reminders, and statement of accounts.

What is an action?

When we talk about different actions, we’re talking about what we want to happen between you and the customer or what kind of communication you want to have with the customer.

What are supported data sources?

These are the accounting software products that Peakflo has out-of-the-box integrations with. You can onboard yourself to Peakflo and sync your accounting software with Peakflo in a few easy and guided steps if you use one of the supported data sources