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Revenue collections is a team effort. Empower your team with Peakflo 🚀

CXOs & Management Team

Peakflo improves key business metrics. Automate mundane and time-consuming tasks for the finance and sales team, allowing them to focus on more meaningful work.

Improve transparency

Leverage our centralized dashboards to stay on top of key metrics. Keep the sales and finance teams in-sync via a collaborative and centralized workspace that streamlines even manual follow-ups!

Increase team productivity

Increase team productivity via automation and a centralized workspace! Internal stakeholders are reminded to complete pending follow-ups using pre-filled editable reminders that can be emailed or texted with a single click, saving time & avoiding costly errors!

Stay up to date

See invoice status reports, customer status reports, escalation reports and even credit control reports to always stay up to date on your outstanding receivables.

Finance Leaders

Lower collection costs, bad debts and time to get paid.

Reduce collection costs

Peakflo frees up your staff for higher value-add tasks and can reduce your labor expenses associated with Accounts Receivables.

Unlock savings through shorter payment times

Lower days sales outstanding (i.e., time to get paid) by up to 35% within 2 quarters of implementation.

Prevent bad debts

Get timely credit insights on customers! Use predictive analytics to minimize credit risk. Reduce bad debt rate by up to 20% within two quarters of implementation.

Improve transparency

No more chasing sales and AR teams for client payment status updates.

Peakflo provides real-time updates via collaborative workspace for sales and finance teams.

Sales Leaders

Stop chasing clients. Automate mundane revenue collection tasks by creating custom workflows with an escalation matrix. 

Earn commissions faster!

Stay on top of open invoice collections with minimum effort. Shorten the time it takes for your team to earn their commissions.

Increase sales team productivity

Increase the sales team's efficiency by up to 50% — no need to spend hours updating follow-up status in a spreadsheet. Peakflo is a centralized communication platform that streamlines all tasks for the sales team.

Eliminate mundane tasks

Automate manual processing, routing, and data entry, and let us handle your clients' payments so your team can focus on revenue generating work.

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