Hunting down payments is exhausting.

With Peakflo, stop chasing accounts receivable. Streamline the process, get paid faster and increase your net margin by up to 2%!

Hunting down payments is exhausting.

With Peakflo, Streamline the cashflow management system, increase your net margin up to 2%!

Cashflow management system

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Increase team productivity
Shorten payment times and lower bad debt
Make it easy for customers to pay

Improve team productivity by over 50%

Streamline your accounts receivable process​

Reduce costly errors and send one-click multi-channel reminders​

Get full visibility without updating spreadsheets

Reduce payment times and bad debts by upto 35%

Track and resolve disputes quickly

Implement strong credit control

Measure effectiveness of your AR

Give an all-in-one portal to your customers

Allow your customers to view their summary of accounts at any time

Allow your customers to pay using multiple payment methods

Save hundreds of man hours wasted in payment reconciliation

Peakflo is designed for

Get more out of your team and keep everyone on the same page

Build empowered and productive
account teams

Big or small, get the full picture of your company's finances

Get more done for your business
in less time

Cashflow Management and Automated Accounts Receivable Software

Connect your accounting software and automate your accounts receivables today!

Don't just take our word for it!

Don't just take our word for it!


You can save time with Peakflo, a reliable accounts receivable tracking software that automatically keeps a record of the cash you’re owed to get you paid in time.

The cashflow management system helps a vast number of people enhance cash flow immediately through an unmatched blend of software, advisory services, and payments that transform how companies pay, purchase, and get paid.

With Peakflo you can:

  • Enhance working capital
  • Eliminates errors such as duplicate payments
  • Optimize cash flow, and mitigate risk
  • Boost efficiency
  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces cost associated with paper invoices

Peakflo facilitates organizations to monitor and maintain cash flow coming in and going out. Accounts receivable automation software is helpful as it offers companies the tools to assure that their cash flow stays accurate, estimate forecasted cash flow and expenditures, and learn from where the cash is coming and where money is going. 

The accounts receivable calculator allows you to find how quickly your invoices are altering into actual money. 

Accounts receivable invoice automation functions like crafting and sending invoices and tracking and recording payments to save time, decrease manual errors, and boost your cash flow automatically. 

Use Peakflo and know where you stand with our auto-generated reports!