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Peakflo's payment approval workflow has made it really easy for us to approve bill payments, speeding up the process by 69 hours per month. The budget management feature also eliminates the need for manual budget setup and updates, plus we can easily track how much budget is left on a department-level. As a result, we've saved 210 man- hours per month in budget reporting and recapping.

Evan Tanotogono

CEO & Co-Founder



Peakflo has been an amazing partner for us. It has saved us approximately 50-60 man-hours per month in receivable collection operations through automated workflow and payments.On average we are able to receive payments faster by 15-20 days, and disputes are decreased by 30%.

Satrio Wiavianto

Head of Operations

Everplate Indonesia


With Peakflo we can easily arrange the schedule of our AP payments. Also, Peakflo has a roles-based access feature that every company needs. My finance team uses Peakflo each week to manage and streamline our vendor payouts.

Andre Septiano

Co-Founder & CFO

Fresh Factory

Accounts Payable Made Easy in 6 Simple Steps


1. Generate purchase quotes


2. Purchase quote approval


3. Capture invoice & match PO


4. Process payment


5. Budget tracking & reports


6. Sync

Generate purchase quotes and streamline approval process

✅ Generate any types of purchase quotes from procurements to freelance payments

✅ Set custom approval workflows with the right stakeholders and assign to a budget

✅ Once approved by all stakeholders, PQ converts into PO and is sent to the vendor automatically 🙌

Peakflo’s accounts payable features —  procurement and purchasing, vendor management, etc

Automate bill capture, PO matching and bill payment

✅ Bulk import via CSV or forward your vendor bills by email. The system automatically captures the details and creates a draft bill payment scheduled for due date

✅ Match your purchase order with the vendor bill and track open/closed PO balance

✅ Bills follow custom approval workflow with audit trail. Approvers starting from business approvers to finance checkers, accounting checkers, tax checkers can edit until final payout!

✅ Pay off local and international bills securely using a digital wallet

Peakflo’s E-Billing features — online approval system, PO matching, e-Wallet, etc

Track your company’s budget in real time

✅ Put budget management on easy mode for your finance team

✅ Gain more visibility over all your business expenses for more strategic decision-making

✅ Keep track of your spending and get notifications when you’re about to exceed the limit

Budgets, financial reporting, and more

Import data or connect your accounting software

✅ 2-way sync with your accounting software to eliminate manual payment reconciliation.

✅ Save hundreds of man-hours wasted in reconciliation.

Peakflo’s accounting software integration with Xero, NetSuite, QuickBooks, Jurnal

Trusted by 50+ Finance Teams

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Don't just take our word for it!

Check out how Peakflo has helped Pickupp improve their finance and sales team's productivity and cut down their invoice cycle time.

Lee Chee Meng Co-Chief Operating Officer at Pickupp

Lee Chee Meng
Co-Chief Operating Officer at Pickupp

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