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Create professional invoices. Get paid 2x faster 🚀

Get paid faster by at least 10-20 days.
Save 100 man hours/month in payment reminders, reconciliation, reporting and dispute resolution.

"Peakflo has been an amazing partner for us.
It has saved us approximately 50-60 man-hours per month in receivable collection operations through automated workflow and payments.
On average we are able to receive payments faster by 15-20 days, and disputes are
decreased by 30%."
Satrio Wiavianto 
Head of Operations,
Everplate Indonesia
"We appreciate the customized workflows
as it allows us to create an optimal workflow that includes reminder emails, SMS messages, and phone calls. Customizable text of emails and SMS messages is extremely useful and can be tailored to our needs in terms of content, timing, and frequency compared to what our standard accounting software package currently allows.
We use the Customer Status Tracking Report
to predict our customers' payment behavior.
Overall, our Finance team is quite pleased
with Peakflo's performance, we believe
it does save time and effort in
managing receivables.
Michelle Byrnes
Financial Controller, EstimateOne
“Peakflo seamlessly integrated into our existing ERP and improved our finance team productivity significantly. It has become an integral part of our overall credit risk management process.
My finance team collaborates with our merchant partners to manage follow-ups, dispute resolution and payment tracking. We have sent over 100,000 workflow guided payment reminders to our customers and now collect our accounts receivable 10-15 days (~20%) faster on average. The multitude of reports also help monitor our accounts receivable transparently."
Ritchie Wong
Group CFO, Ninja Van
“Peakflo has been integral to scaling our collections department through it's seamless connection to our ERP. We've tried other global AR solutions like Upflow, but needed a localized solution for SE Asia. Through its easy workflow builder and multi-channel systematic reminders, Peakflo has made it easy to manage our AR process. This has helped provide our agents
with a heightened structure and transparency at scale, ultimately leading to better collections and lower DSO as we continue to grow"
Carl Cedarholm (Everett)
VP of Finance, Shipper Indonesia (YC W19)

“Peakflo has a simple interface that is easy to use. It makes monitoring and collecting outstanding payments very easy for us. We've reduced our monthly overdues by 40% and DSO by 25%.
The customisation offered is an additional plus point."
Lee Chee Meng
Co-Chief Operating Officer, Pickupp
“Overall I'm very satisfied with the Peakflo system. It synchronizes seamlessly with our accounting software. The dashboard layout and reports are very helpful. Lastly it was very simple and easy to setup the workflows and trigger logic."
Fabian Loke
Accounts Receivable Manager, Janio
“With Peakflo we can easily arrange the
schedule of our AP payments. Also, Peakflo has a roles-based access feature that every company needs. My finance team uses Peakflo each week to manage and streamline our
vendor payouts."
Andre Septiano,
Co-founder & CFO,
Fresh Factory (YC W22)
Accounts receivable made easy in 4 simple steps: create, track, get paid, and sync.

Account Receivables Made Easy in 4 Simple Steps

1. Create

2. Track

3. Get paid

4. Sync

Reduce payment times and bad debts by upto 35%

Track and resolve disputes quickly

Implement strong credit control

Measure effectiveness of your AR

Give an all-in-one portal to your customers

Allow your customers to view their summary of accounts at any time

Allow your customers to pay using multiple payment methods

Save hundreds of man hours wasted in payment reconciliation

Get more out of your team and keep everyone on the same page

Build empowered and productive
account teams

Get more done for your business
in less time

Create and send professional invoices with Peakflo

Create and send professional invoices

✅Create e-invoices with customizable line items, discounts and tax rates.

✅Attach working files and invoice notes as needed.

✅Validate and approve draft invoices before sending them to your customers.

Create and send professional invoices with Peakflo
Track invoices and automate payment reminders

Track invoices and automate payment reminders

✅Set up smart workflows with automated reminders based on an escalation matrix.

✅Detailed reports and predictive cashflow analytics helps you stay ahead.

✅Stay on top of deliverability on all bounced reminders and track last opened date.

Peakflo's payer portal


Get paid in your sleep

✅Self serve portal for customers to view and clear invoice payments quicker.

✅Receive payments straight to your bank account.

✅Enter payments made outside Peakflo easily. Balance auto-updates.

Peakflo's payer portal
Peakflo's integrations with accounting software

Import data or connect your accounting software

✅Simple CSV file import for your customers, invoices and payments.

✅2-way sync with your accounting software.

✅Receive payments in Peakflo and save hundreds of man-hours wasted in reconciliation.

✅Static and dynamic virtual accounts that help with instant reconciliation (Indonesia only)

Trusted by 50+ Finance Teams

Curious to know more?

Take a guided product tour of Peakflo and see how you can use a professional invoicing and collection software to streamline your receivables.

Don't just take our word for it!

Don't just take our word for it!


You can save time with Peakflo, a reliable accounts receivable tracking software that automatically keeps a record of the cash you’re owed to get you paid in time.

The cashflow management system helps a vast number of people enhance cash flow immediately through an unmatched blend of software, advisory services, and payments that transform how companies pay, purchase, and get paid.

With Peakflo you can:

  • Enhance working capital
  • Enable payment reminders
  • Eliminates errors such as duplicate payments
  • Optimize cash flow, and mitigate risk
  • Boost efficiency
  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces cost associated with paper invoices

Peakflo facilitates organizations to monitor and maintain cash flow coming in and going out. Accounts receivable automation software is helpful as it offers companies the tools to assure that their cash flow stays accurate, estimate forecasted cash flow and expenditures, and learn from where the cash is coming and where money is going. 

The accounts receivable calculator allows you to find how quickly your invoices are altering into actual money. 

Accounts receivable invoice automation functions like crafting and sending invoices and tracking and recording payments to save time, decrease manual errors, and boost your cash flow automatically. 

Use Peakflo and know where you stand with our auto-generated reports!

A unique accounts payable portal for each of your customers allows them to not only view the outstanding statement of account and invoices and ask questions but also select invoices and make payments. Peakflo then uses its two integration with your accounting software to sync that payment and apply it to the correct invoice to help your close your books easier!

With Peakflo’s predictive AI, understand the cashflow health of your company through an easy visualization of the total amount billed, collected and most importantly the month-on-month cash inflow forecast. 

Access detailed out-of-the-box reports and customer timelines to stay up to date on all your accounts receivable management and have full transparency on ageing balance, cashflow analytics, financial KPIs, credit control and the course of action for each customer.

Yes. Peakflo is an accounts receivable software that allows you to add customizable tax rates to your invoices which includes GST billing.

With smart workflows, you can trigger multi-channel payment reminders to your customers and internal stakeholders based on an escalation matrix to kick start your accounts receivable automation process.

Check this link to know more about late payment reminder emails. 

You can create and send an invoice from your dashboard by clicking “Invoices” and then clicking “Add Invoice”. You can also create custom line items, add various tax rates including, GST billing and set discount prices.

Check out this link to know more about creating a professional invoice.