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Peakflo cash flow software

Cashflow Management Made Easy in 4 Simple Steps


1. Forecast


2. Plan


3. Chase


4. Sync

Anticipate future with cash inflow forecasts

✅ Visualize cash flow health and predict future cash inflows.

✅ Get a big picture on invoices likely to be overdue.

✅ Understand the payment behaviour of customers through AI-powered reports.

Peakflo’s cash flow management software — analytics, invoice tracking, etc

Stay informed to plan the next move

✅ Understand detailed collection efficiency for each month’s invoices.

✅ Get a quick overview of your team’s collection process.

✅ Keep a tab on customer credit limits via credit control report.

Peakflo business cash flow analysis — invoice collection, credit control report, etc

Get paid 2x faster

✅ Assign customers to smart workflows based on their payment behaviour and size.Automate personalized email or whatsapp reminders that follow escalation matrix.

✅ Provide a unique self-serve portal for customers to quickly view and clear invoice payments.

✅ Offer multiple payment methods and receive all payments straight to your bank account.

Peakflo’s accounts receivable payment features — dispute management, etc

Import data or connect your accounting software

✅ Simple CSV file import for your customers, invoices and payments.

✅ Connect your accounting software and get daily up-to-date forecasts.

✅ 2-way sync with your accounting software to eliminate manual payment reconciliation.

Peakflo’s accounting software integration with Xero, NetSuite, QuickBooks, Jurnal

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Check out how Peakflo has helped Pickupp improve their finance & sales team's productivity, reduced their monthly overdues and DSO.

Lee Chee Meng Co-Chief Operating Officer at Pickupp

Lee Chee Meng
Co-Chief Operating Officer at Pickupp

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