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Cash Flow Management at Your Fingertips!

Access real-time, smart finance reports. Manage your business cash flow 100% digitally.

Cashflow analytics on Peakflo

Cashflow Management Made Easy in 4 Simple Steps

1. Forecast

2. Plan

3. Chase

4. Sync



Anticipate future with cash inflow forecasts

Visualize cash flow health and predict future cash inflows.

Get a big picture on invoices likely to be overdue.

Understand the payment behaviour of customers through AI-powered reports.

Anticipate future with cash inflow forecasts
Stay informed to plan the next move with the invoice reports on Peakflo



Stay informed to plan the next move

Understand detailed collection efficiency for each month’s invoices.

Get a quick overview of your team’s collection process.

Keep a tab on customer credit limits via credit control report.



Get paid 2x faster

Assign customers to smart workflows based on their payment behaviour and size. Automate personalized email or whatsapp reminders that follow escalation matrix.

Provide a unique self-serve portal for customers to quickly view and clear invoice payments.

Offer multiple payment methods and receive all payments straight to your bank account.

Get paid 2x faster with the workflows
Peakflo's integrations with accounting software


Import data or connect your accounting software

✅Simple CSV file import for your customers, invoices and payments.

Connect your accounting software and get daily up-to-date forecasts.

2-way sync with your accounting software to eliminate manual payment reconciliation.

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Curious to know more?

Take a guided product tour of Peakflo and see how you can use a professional invoicing and collection software to streamline your receivables.

Don't just take our word for it!

Don't just take our word for it!


Start by importing your customer data manually or integrating Peakflo with your accounting software. You can follow the steps shared in this video.

Once your customer data is integrated or uploaded, Peakflo’s self-learning algorithm will begin generating insightful and interactive reports that help with cashflow forecasting and cash flow management as well.

Yes, you can not only customize the workflows, but you can also create new workflows as per your business needs and add customers to them. Peakflo was designed to provide efficient cash flow management for SMEs and we believe workflows play a vital role in this part. 

Check out this video to know how to create workflows.

Peakflo offers various interactive and insightful reports that are crucial in helping you effectively track and collect your outstanding receivables. Here are some of the reports that can be helpful for your business.

  • Cashflow Analytics
  • Invoice Status Tracking Report
  • Credit Control Report
  • Aging Balance Report

and there’s few more. Check out this video if you’re curious to know more about our reports.